Ultimate Guide to Rosin: What Rosin is, Where to Buy this Cannabis Concentrate and How to use it

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What is Rosin

Let’s start with the basics: Rosin is a Cannabis concentrate much like shatter, wax and cannabis oil. It’s extremely potent, however, unlike other concentrates (eg. BHO Shatter that uses Butane or extraction) it is completely solventless, meaning it doesn’t require a dissolving agent (ex. how salt uses water as a solvent to dissolve.) This means the production process is much clearer making this a much purer form compared to other concentrates.

The Rosin extraction process uses a combination of heat and pressure to essentially squeeze out the sap from the cannabis flower, kief or hash into a shatter looking substance. It appeals to a lot of Cannabis connoisseurs because when done right, it’s an incredible way to get a clean, flavorful and potent product.

How Rosin is Made

The process itself is simple but can get quite technical and precise when aiming for that perfect dab and potency. The first step to making this concentre is properly drying and curing your Cannabis flower. From there, use the right combination of pressure and heat to press the flowers together releasing the THC resin.

While it is true that you can purchase Cannabis flower and try this at home, it can be hard to perfect the pressure/heat ratio. At home methods using simpler tools can sometimes yield lower potency levels as well compared to commercially produced products. The option is there to give it a go or buy Rosin online in Canada if the concern is possibly messing with some perfectly good Cannabis flower.

Benefits of Rosin

  1. Clean and pure extract. Rosin is 100% solvent free as mentioned, so if you or someone you know is more on the health conscious side (or just concerned with chemical additions) try ordering some Rosin to compare the difference between other extracts.
  2. Potent. Just as potent as BHO and other cannabis concentrates on the market, however not as popular as of yet. Rosin is more on the connoisseur’s list as it is still fairly new however that doesn’t stop it from testing as high as 80%.
  3. Effective, we know it’s clean and potent so aren’t we surprised that it offers amazing fast-acting relief.
  4. Malleable. Because of its substance, you can make into many different textures, allowing creators to get creative with it.
  5. Readily Available. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, Rosin is becoming more and more readily available. You can easily buy rosin in person at your local dispensary or at an online dispensary.

What’s the Difference Live Rosin and Rosin?

Now that we know a little bit about Rosin, let’s dive a bit deeper into live Rosin and Rosin:

Live Rosin

Live Rosin is extracted from a fresh or frozen Cannabis flower that has yet to be dried or cured. Because of this, it requires an additional solvent due to the excess liquid for the “fresh” flower. However, people do claim that the opaque and grainy substance has an exceptional flavor.


Rosin, on the other hand, is extracted from a dried cannabis flower (or hash or kief ) and remains solventless and easy to work with. This process allows it to be manipulated into almost any type or texture of Rosin, which can adapt into many different things, making it a really amazing product for extraction artists to experiment with.

Where to Buy Rosin

As rosin gains popularity more and more dispensaries are carrying the product as vendors start to produce more of a supply. When it comes to purchasing Rosin, you have a couple of options:

  • Purchase it in store via a dispensary, Weedmaps makes it super easy to find a dispensary near you for you to purchase the rosin.
  • The second option is buying your rosin online, Emerald Castle Med carries Rosin on our online dispensary. Have a look at our selection. As well there are plenty of other online dispensaries in Canada to purchase from.

Many Cannabis companies see the potential in Rosin and are keeping up with demand and restocking their shelves Constantly, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it near you, one way or another ;).

How to Use Rosin

Rosin is dabbed. For the unfamiliar, dabbing is heating a surface while applying the extract and inhaling the vapors. Anything from a pipe to a vaporizer to a dab rig will do the trick.

How to Store Your Rosin Concentrate

For optimal shelf life and longevity, store your Rosin concentrate in cool, dark, dry and still environments (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, low cabinets, freeze dryers).


Rosin, more of a connoisseur’s choice for Cannabis extracts, it is spreading more to the mainstream smoker due to its high potency that can capture more of the flavor from Cannabis itself. If you have any questions about our products or have anything to add, please leave us a comment below! Rosin has a promising future and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

3 Comments on “Ultimate Guide to Rosin: What Rosin is, Where to Buy this Cannabis Concentrate and How to use it”

  1. The Rosin Factory rosin carried in your store is quite good however im disappointed theres no 1G packages anymore or no bulk deals (rosin doesn’t get deals often so id ppl like me would def buy many)

    1. Hello toyz89, we definitely agree and are actually having a Rosin sale really soon! Had some of our strains pressed by the guys at Secret Garden Extracts and we should have that up hopefully tomorrow or Thursday for a sale. We will be in touch with the details :).

  2. I heard that a friend of mine is looking for rosin filters. They were talking about it yesterday when we went out for a cup of coffee. I was not joining the conversation because I’ve never heard about it before. I never took into account the fact that it is a concentrated cannabis in a form of wax which is also one of the purest concentrates compared to others. Thanks for the information!

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