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Suge Knight Pure Kush Strain (AAAA)

Dank and creamy with sweet gassy buds. Great nose on this batch of the Suge Knight strain that is even more apparent when broken down.  The buds are shiny from the glisten of the trichome frost, which also becomes even more apparent within the buds once they are broken down for smoking. The high delivers a quick impact reminiscent of a very potent kush, offering users fast relief from stress, aches and pains as well as depression with its uplifting and relaxing properties. A great choice if you are looking for a strong and effective Indica. Don’t miss out on this very well done small batch pickup of the Suge Knight Pure Kush strain!
  • Genetics: OG Kush / Afghan Kush
  • Flavour: Sweet / Gassy
  • Medical: Stress / Pain / Depression / Insomnia
  • Effects:  Relaxed / Euphoric / Uplifted


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