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Pineapple Express Strain (AA)

With history that reaches back well beyond the famed Seth Rogen / James Franco film of the same name, the Sativa dominant Pineapple Express strain first started as a sought after strain in the Netherlands. This cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian gives off sweet, tropical flavours through a smooth smoking experience. This strain offers a balanced and happy cerebral high as well as a relaxed body experience, making it perfect for social interactions, creative tasks and an all around great daytime smoke. The relaxed, yet stimulating experience can aid with productivity and focus, perfect for those seeking relief from mental fatigue, depression and anxiety. The moderate body high can also give way to helping with any chronic pain, muscle tightness and inflammation.
THC: 25%-27%
  • Genetics: Trainwreck / Hawaiian
  • Flavours: Pepper / Mint / Earthy
  • Effects: Focused / Relaxed / Talkative / Uplifted
  • Medical: Fatigue / Depression / Anxiety / Pain / Inflammation


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