Pine Tar Kush (AA)

The Pine Tar Kush strain is a pure Indica that is a direct descendant of the infamous Kush strain. With pungent earthy and pine notes, Pine Tar kush delivers one spicy exhale which intensifies as your session progresses. This bud has a very sticky feel, along with a tangy / skunky aroma that fills the room once the buds have been exposed to open air. A very resinous smoke, this bud will leave you blissful with a slight focus. Eventually this strain will deliver a strong body buzz, great for insomnia, chronic aches and pains, and depression. Take advantage of our sale pricing starting at $3.14 per gram!
THC: 18%-22%
  • Genetics: Kush
  • Flavors: Citrus / Woody / Pine / Diesel
  • Effects: Euphoric / Happy / Focused / Sleepy
  • Medical: Chronic Pain / Depression / Insomnia


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