Sativa Mix Pack (AAAA): Gods Incredible Hulk / White Widow

Sativa mix pack: God’s Incredible Hulk (80/20 Sativa Hybrid) and White Widow (60/40 Sativa Hybrid). Take advantage of these two great premium Sativas and elevate your day!

THC: 15%-23%

God’s Incredible Hulk Batch Notes:

  • Genetics: Jack Herer / Green Crack
  • Caked and Resinous Dark Purple Buds
  • Large to Medium Size Buds
  • Strong Onset

White Widow Batch Notes:

  • Genetics: Northern Lights / Haze
  • Sour Fruit and Citrus Nose
  • Covered Sticky, Bright Green, Large to Medium Sized Buds
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3 reviews for Sativa Mix Pack (AAAA): Gods Incredible Hulk / White Widow

  1. ISockAtIt

    sticky and spongy buds on the white widow sweet tasting hulk great energy combo when i smoke em both

  2. Reaperovelysium

    Was decent bud, dont think it was a AAAA+ just under a AAAA/AAA+ i would say. Buds could have had alittle more taste and smell to them, kinda had a dro taste to them aswell like the buds where produced to fast.

  3. olosewan

    Good shit. Strong Sativas with more of a relaxing focus and happy high. Not the strongest I’ve had in for quads but great value at the discounted sale price. Would buy again.

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