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Citrique Strain (AAAA)

This one is for the Citrus lovers. This batch delivers loud Citrus flavors with dense shiny buds that will immediately leave your fingers sticky. The Citrique strain is a 50/50 Hybrid that packs a punch at levels of 22% – 25% THC. An influx of creative euphoria overtakes users quickly, easing users into a very deep felt relaxation. The Citrique strain can leave users happily couch-locked at more moderate doses, so caution should be taken with novice smokers. The Citrique strain is said to be perfect for treating a variety of conditions, from chronic pain and stress, to depression, to muscle spasms and cramps. This batch of Citrique is very strong bud that can fill a room with strong pine and citrus flavors right out of the bag. Don’t miss this special small batch pickup of the Citrique strain.
THC: 22%-25%
  • Flavour: Citrus / Pine / Skunk
  • Medical: Pain / Stress / Depression / Muscle Spasms / Cramps
  • Effects:  Euphoric / Creative / Uplifting / Relaxed


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