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Cannatonic Strain 1:1 THC / CBD (AAA++)

A higher grade pickup of this Emerald favourite, bringing super caked and sticky clumps of the Cannatonic strain. These purple and green buds are covered in a thick blanket of crystal-like trichomes all the way in, showing a beautiful glisten as you break down each bud. The Cannatonic strain is a 1:1 THC / CBD strain, with powerful effects that both uplift and focus the mind, which make it a great choice for an all day smoke for calm and clarity.

THC/CBD: 13%-17%

Genetics: MK Ultra / G13 Haze
Effects: Uplifting / Focused
Medical: Anxiety / Pain / Migraines / Depression
Flavour: Citrus / Earthy
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9 reviews for Cannatonic Strain 1:1 THC / CBD (AAA++)

  1. Siriusastrology47

    This is one of the most relaxing highs ever. Amazing body buzz.

  2. wheedkween

    Really enjoying this. Perfect for the daytime or morning. The 1:1 balance of thc to cbd makes for a very relaxing, soothing strain.

  3. QuiltedBuds

    Nice well balanced high combined with the relaxaing effects of cbd. Though a rough smoke for waterpipe users.

  4. 420shadesofgreen

    Nice and relaxing. I tend to get anxiety with pure THC strains and the CBD offsets those problems, leaving a pleasant buzz.

  5. 78khilla

    Amazing strain. Cannatonic has been quite helpful in alleviating anxiety. Perfect balance of CBD:THC for what I need. Experienced No induced psychosis from Cannatonic compared to a richer THC strain with little to no CBD. Ordering again

  6. hardday1999

    Personally my favorite 1:1 strain I have come across, although it may provide a stronger high then some people seeking CBD would be after, for myself, that is a positive. The only issue, and it comes more from the girls I smoke with, is you do not want to smoke the stems. Do a good job cleaning the stems and you’ll definitly be impressed by the flavor. Despite that, I would actually say it has less stems and seeds then other high cbd strains.

  7. looneyfortunes3

    Fantastic for physical pain.

  8. Sfarrugia

    A new personal fave.. the 1:1 ratio is perfect for daytime smoke with no heavy burnout. Yummy too.

  9. Sfarrugia

    my favourite so far

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