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Blueberry Strain (Popcorn) (AAA+)

Coming through with a great deal on Blueberry popcorn buds! Great smoke with small buds, discounted to a fantastic price. Blueberry is a legendary strain and former Cannabis Cup winner for best Indica, its higher THC content makes it a great choice for both pain and stress relief. Often dubbed as a one hitter quitter strain, the potency of Blueberry will please even experience users. The effects from Blueberry can last a little longer than most, thus a great tool for extended relief and relaxation in the evening time.
THC: 15%-24%
  • Flavour: Sweet, Berries
  • Medical: Muscle Pain, Stress
  • Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric
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16 reviews for Blueberry Strain (Popcorn) (AAA+)

  1. mlpt84

    Small to med sized dense sticky buds.
    Great taste and smooth smoke (bong) clean ash.
    Nice good high, would buy again.

  2. jtboxer

    I picked up this order during the 12 days of Christmas…. my fav hands down! Smells AMAZING and smokes great. Will be back! Cheers!

  3. G0dzDistillate

    ..DANK DANK DANK.. small buds that hit heavy. Good heavy puffs! Have too much and good night.

  4. Hipro Vatter

    Took advantage of this at a sale price (30% off!) and man was not disappointed. These buds are smaller but very dense and very potent. One of the better Blueberry strains I’ve had.

  5. helen22blunt

    Nice looking smaller nugs that pack quite a high. Helped with my appetite more than anything.

  6. QuirkMcQuirkson

    WOWZA this gave me an intense high.. fell asleep on the couch with a half a slice of pizza in my hand. Woke up, finished my pizza and went to bed. Yup I’m a savage.

  7. cowtownglover

    Tried this on their Rosin as well which kept that fantastic blueberry taste. This is one of my preferred strains for unwinding at the end of the day. Gives off a good body buzz that helps with my lower back pain.

  8. genghischronzz

    Emerald sent this as a sample along with my order of Nuken. Wish I got this instead! Body and Head high is amazing. Bag appeal isn’t quite there bu tits all about the smoke with this strain.

  9. coutogirl

    This stuff is Berry Berry good:)

  10. cgdonnelly

    This is the product I save for after 8 pm smoking. ( unless I’m seeking a nap during the day 🙂 ) Back pain diminishes considerably, sleep will be steady and sound. Beautiful flavor, no harshness, easy burning. Thanks for another great product!

  11. alexcazzetta

    Excellent product! I’ve been enjoying this strain for the past week and I’m very impressed with it’s relaxation and pain relief effects. I also can’t be believe the incredible value (bought while discounted) and great service Emerald provides. I’m a new customer and I’ve already made an additional purchase…can’t wait for the Red Congo to show up tomorrow!

  12. ekimnnam

    This is some beautiful Blueberry. Nice size bugs glistening with trichomes. Nice Blueberry nose and flavour. Ripe Amber trichomes making this pretty a heavy and relaxing high.

  13. slavigne75

    Wonderful strain to have in your stash! Hits hard and fast, sweet taste . Dense nugs and smooth smoke .

  14. jimdeal0

    This bud has an amazing flavor without a bitter after taste, it’s affects long lasting and it will satisfy all.

  15. ekimnnam

    I usually find Blueberry to be a bit underwhelming but Emerald seems to deliver fairly potent Blueberry. Strong berry smell mixed with a noticeable hint of pine make this one of my favourite smoked recently.

  16. benviebikes

    Good value AAA and nice small tight buds. Nice for mellow lazy afternoon and not too strong.

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