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Bear Dance Strain (AAAA+)

The Bear Dance strain is a powerhouse Sativa dominant bud with very high THC content. Users can expect long lasting effects with an almost immediate and very strong, euphoric onset. Effects of the Bear Dance strain can put users in a very sociable, talkative and outgoing state, however caution is recommended, as this strain, at times, can prove to be too overwhelming for users that experience symptoms of anxiety.
THC: 33%

Batch Notes:

  • Large, Densely Packed Buds
  • Thick Cream and Diesel Flavour Profile
  • Very Strong Onset

Strain Notes:

  • Sativa Dominant (70/30)
  • Genetics: Humboldt Snowcap / Pure Kush / Uzbeki Hashplant
  • Effects: Euphoric / Happy / Sociable / Uplifting
  • Medical: ADD / ADHD / Depression / Cramps / Headaches / Loss of Appetite
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5 reviews for Bear Dance Strain (AAAA+)

  1. LingTanner

    Very big buds! Strong Sativa with a walloping high. Stopped my muscle spasms within a few minutes of toking.

  2. robodrewd

    Bear Dance hits like a freight train.. euphoric and focused.. initially a little spacey.

  3. BorneHigh

    Effects were fast and heavy. More sour and fruity than gassy. Ounce came with some massive nugs. Would recommend more for veteran smokers.

  4. rythmik999

    impressive sativa. euphoric and super tasty.

  5. rutbunch1010

    Not for the rookies. Good buy, but would have preferred my oz to be broken up into some smaller buds.

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